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Created by two friends eager to learn more about the world, Piqued is a place for curious minds to explore a spectrum  of interests and perspectives; Topics range  from science and sports, to business and the arts.  We are fascinated by people from all walks of life, and decided to create a place to share their ideas. Our generation is as eager as ever to learn more about the world, but not interested in excessive punditry and editorialization. Every Monday, we aim to provide short, yet insightful interviews and stories from those who care deeply about their work.

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Kareem Maddox

Kareem holds an AB in English from Princeton University. Narrative is his passion and for him, Piqued is the perfect outlet to find untold stories and explore diverse perspectives. Traveling is as important to him as narrative. After college, Kareem played two years of professional basketball abroad, and used that time to immerse himself in the cultures and people that he met. He currently produces news at an NPR affiliate radio station in Colorado.


Nick Antoine

A business enthusiast and biography buff, Nick holds an AB in History from Princeton University. A dreamer at heart, Nick has always loved inspiring stories and believes that some of the best narratives aren’t fictional. For him, great stories always start with a focus on interesting people, and he enjoys learning about other people’s perspectives and how they think. Nick is co-founder and partner of a private equity firm in the Chicago area.  


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